Become a "Big"

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in life and live up to their full potential. Some kids need someone to help them along that path. Spend an hour a week or several hours 2-4 times a month, as a mentor to a child and you can make a BIG impact in their life. It’s rewarding and fun! To download an application to become a mentor click on one of the following: Community Based Mentor, School Based  Mentor, School Based Mentor - High School Application.

How it works:

  1. QUALIFY all prospective Littles for need and capacity for match success.
  2. RECRUIT new volunteers through referrals, marketing, social media, corporate partners, and events.
  3. INTERVIEW all prospective Bigs and Littles to get to know their personality and interests. We also thoroughly background check all volunteers.
  4. MATCH a Big to a Little based upon multiple variables with a goal of creating a long-term friendship.
  5. MONITOR & SUPPORT Bigs and Littles as they face the multitudes of challenges life creates and monitor the matches for safety and longevity.